Why naked?

When sharing my artwork, I’m completely vulnerable–open to acceptance and appreciation or rejection and failure. My work is metaphorically naked, an authentic, raw, honest, enigmatic, and innately me.

What is intuitive painting?

I have no idea what I’m doing. Each painting begins with no expectations. By embracing uncertainty through layers of colors, textures, and brush strokes that simply feel right, I focus on the mindful act of creating in the moment. Eventually, each work unfolds in its own way, more beautifully than I could have planned. An atmospheric energy or implied form reveals itself and I intuitively fill in the imagery. It’s a relaxing and playful process like finding animal shapes in clouds or faces in tree bark. Painting without any identifiable concept of success is daunting and beautifully freeing. Finished works take on a captivating and unintentionally surreal quality.

Messy. Detailed. Colorful. Meaningful. Subtle. Restless. Energetic. Trivial. Tranquil. The ambiguous and contradictory nature of the human experience is mirrored in my work. When engaging with my work, I invite people to explore their unique inner responses. Do specific colors evoke emotions? What forms and imagery do you notice? What memories do they provoke? What story or atmosphere envelopes you? Like our own perceptions of life, nearly understood then slipping away. Beauty formed from cacophony into a calming sense of peace and stillness. A precious moment only for yourself lost in art. This moment.

Latest Blog Posts:

  • Hope on a Technicality (Allowing hope despite my lack of constitutional equality)

    Hope on a Technicality (Allowing hope despite my lack of constitutional equality)

    Because if I can’t be a mom, my existence serves no purpose. Well, my existence actually means a lot, especially to me. I know my value because, unlike Christian Nationalists, I refuse to be afraid of myself. Keep hope. These desperate acts of oppression are rooted in fear. This is intended to throw you off balance and make you afraid, defeated, and overcome with despair. (And it’s okay if you do feel like that.)

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  • ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ (Inner calm in challenging times)

    ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ (Inner calm in challenging times)

    I took a deep breath and responded, “It’s okay. Everything is unfolding exactly as it will. Things are breaking and it’s hard, but things have to break to create something better. It’s uncomfortable, but the future is truly unknowable and full of possibility. More and more people are seeing that things aren’t working. And as […]

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  • Bath-time Rebellion & the Subtle Oppression of Self-Care Consumerism

    Bath-time Rebellion & the Subtle Oppression of Self-Care Consumerism

    Despite loving baths as a child, they lost interest and purpose into adulthood (like a lot of joyful childhood pleasures). As an adult baths lost their purpose–and as an adult, you should only do things that have purpose or financial viability, right? And with a bath–what do you do? What’s the point? I just sit there. In dirty water. Of ever-decreasing warmth. Then I shower, because I have to clean off my bath. I could just do the last step, showering, and BAM! Nailed it! I have a clean body.

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  • Spiritual Faith & Atheism (Psst…the secret ingredient is love)

    Spiritual Faith & Atheism (Psst…the secret ingredient is love)

    I have faith that I’m capable of handling whatever unfolds in my life. This sense of faith is relatively new to me. Having lived with general anxiety and major depression for nearly two decades, as appealing as the concept sounded, I didn’t know how to just be mentally in the present moment. It was unimaginable. My lived experience and sense of reasoning couldn’t figure out how it was possible. So, I was stuck in a loop of self-awareness logically knowing it’s a complete waste of mental and emotional energy to anticipate every conceivable bad possibility or over-analyzing past interactions, but unable to fully untangle myself from overthinking. We don’t know the tools we don’t know.

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  • Why naked?

    Why naked?

    I consider my work to be an intricate part me. My ideals, thoughts, convictions, emotions, experiences, insecurities, hopes, rejections, disappointments, and passions all manifest themselves in my work defining an aspect of who I am as a human as well as an artist. This is beautiful, freeing, and completely terrifying. Through my work, I’m completely […]

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