a haunted process

Because of this recent obsession photographing abandoned buildings, I have an abundance of photos of these vacant homes.  Some homes have had parts of their roofs collapsed from the 1980s earthquake, and debris covers the floor; some are already mostly dilapidated and overgrown with plant life.  Others have rooms which have remained moderately intact, framed photos... Continue Reading →

nature reclaims itself

As I mentioned before, Terceira has many abandoned and desolate structures. These contemporary ruins fascinate me. I admire how nature seems to have an unlimited ability to reclaims itself. Once these structures are neglected, the paint peels away; dust and dirt accumulate and cracks form in the concrete allowing roots take hold. Foliage growth is... Continue Reading →

visually unwritten

I kept written journals a few times throughout childhood, but I never really enjoyed the process. I loved the concept but hated the reality. I liked the idea of a book just for me, keeping my feelings and memories. However, everything I wrote felt trivial. Even at age nine, eleven or fourteen, I was self-aware... Continue Reading →

abandoned virgins

Remains, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011 The sky is cloudy and grey, a light rain seems to turn motionless in the air creating a fine mist. My mother and I walk across a small concrete bridge over the shallow remains of a riverbed. The water is now a gently flowing creek, with only a couple ducks... Continue Reading →

artistic themes I: defined by gender

Female roles, gender socialization, cultural expectations, and concepts of femininity have a continual affect on my work. Despite repeatedly finding myself wandering in the extensive labyrinth of female iconography and social commentary, I've rarely taken the time to even touch on some of the thematic concepts and elements used. While the following is a brief... Continue Reading →

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