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I have joined the land of blogging.  I know I am now a part of the unfathomable mass of those who blog.  I feel it is somewhat arrogant of me to assume I should have any thoughts so monumental and meaningful, I feel inclined to share them with distant friends and family as well as a potentially infinite number of strangers.  Therefore, I have asked myself what it is I am ultimately hoping to achieve in the creation of my own Naked Carly Art blog.

So–What do I hope to achieve?
As a human, I find forcing myself to sit and write makes my thoughts and ambitions become far more succinct.  Sharing these words provides a reason to write. As people, I think we all have an innate desire to connect with others; we want to be known—to be understood.

As an artist, I want to share my work, artistic process, conceptual development and simply what makes me a part of my work.  I hope viewers will gain a better understanding of my imagery as well as me as a human (Although, I suppose that is the primary goal of any blogging artist).  I would also like to network with other artists.  I believe we are all constantly learning and improving; we should allow ourselves to be pushed creatively.  Other artists motivate and inspire me to try new techniques, develop my style and push past my artistic comfort level.  I hope this can possibly be a venue to inspire others.

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