journal process: every six seconds

Image 1: I have used blue and white acrylic paints with a hint of violet iridescent powder. The paint was initially mixed on the right page with a 1in wide flat brush and then moved about the pages with a palette knife. The powder creates a rich shimmery color, but a little goes a long way. It can be difficult to control if you are only looking for a very limited use. For this I had the powder under the paper, when I wet the paper with paint the color was allows to soak through. I then let the paint dry.

Image 1 

Image 2: With the paper dampened, I brushed a very small amount of the violet powder, mixed with only a brush of orange iridescent powder; this made the color warmer. I allowed the water and paper to move the color, which created the more subtle gradations from color to white space—and again, I let everything dry. If I were to glue on papers or additional images, they would soak up this color. That may be an effect you are looking for; it is an effect I sometime utilize. However, for these pages, I wanted to keep the colors contained in the background.

Image 2

Image 3: I used matte medium to attach the angel image on the left and the white floral paper. This paper is nice because when moistened by adhesive the white becomes translucent. This creates a stronger contrast with the pink of the floral pattern, as well as allowing the background elements to be partially seen through the paper. I also added more acrylic paint with a hint of black ink and painted the water up onto the image to make the waves the foreground.

Image 3

Finished Pages: These are the completed pages. I attached the text, buildings in the background, the chair, faces, the profile of the woman, and brown patterned paper. To finish the pages, I drew with permanent black India ink markers, accentuating details and adding to the buildings and streets.

no. 67
Every six seconds, 6in x 6in visual journal pages, Carly Swenson

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