literally slower

There is more to life than increasing its speed. -Gandhi Life seems to move slower here.  In one way, life is also literally slower here.   While driving, it is not uncommon to come upon a tractors, heavy machinery, construction sites encroaching onto the narrow streets, horses with carts, donkeys hauling milk (or used as a mode... Continue Reading →

at four months

Terceira is a gorgeous small island in the middle of the Atlantic.  I knew nothing of this island (and very little about the Azores in general) until my husband told me his next duty station would be Lajes Field.  I knew our lives were going to change once again, from what we had become accustomed... Continue Reading →

artistic themes I

In an attempt to help viewers better understand and relate to my work, I have begun to evaluate my own imagery and consider themes and concepts that appear repeatedly throughout my art.  I highly encourage (and prefer) people viewing my work to create their own interpretations of what my work means to them.  This allows... Continue Reading →

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