building doors

Cliché phrases rarely make an impact on me. I'm sure you know what I am referring to, the DIY rustic chic signs painted on refurbished barn wood on pinterest, or vibrently colored typography prints with clean lines and minimalist framing-- Live, Laugh, Love. Love more, worry less. Seize the day.  Dance like no one is... Continue Reading →

literally slower

Life seems to move slower here.  In one way, life is literally slower here.  While driving, it's not uncommon to come upon a tractors, heavy machinery, construction sites encroaching onto the narrow streets, horses with carts, That adorable old man with the donkey cart he uses to haul milk cans from one place to somewhere else,... Continue Reading →

at four months

Terceira is a gorgeous small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.  I knew nothing about this island (and impressively little about the Azores in general) until my husband told me his next duty station would be Lajes Field.  I knew our lives were going to change once again, from what we had become... Continue Reading →

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