journal process: simple moments of quality

Image 1: I started this page set with a light layer of red acrylic and ink watered down and applied with a brush.  Brush application of paint makes the light streaks seen in the left page in the right bottom corner.  I used matte medium to attach the various papers.  The lighter colored papers are translucent and absorb the color of the paint below.  The other paper is completely opaque, but the lighter colors and white still absorb the red paint (It the paint is still damp when gluing down the paper), creating a subtle pink that helps create color unity within the piece.

image 1
Image 1

Image 2:  After that layer of paper and paint dried, I added a very light layer of orange iridescent powder.   This water-soluble powder was also absorbed into the glue used to adhere the image of the writing hand.  I also added the extra visual elements such as the Polaroid picture of my lovely friend pretending to eat my cat, the Alice in Wonderland, and text.

image 2
image 2

Image 3:   As well as the two additional Polaroid images, I added a couple other visual elements including a sketch of a light post in Paris I drew in a sketchbook back in 2005.  I then allowed the pages to dry.

Image 3
Image 3

Finished Pages:  To finish the pages, I began drawing on them with a thin black marker.  Generally, my markers of choice are Faber-Castell Artist Pens.  They are available in various thicknesses, seem to write smoothly on various surfaces, and are waterproof.  This page set is particularly fun to be because I have the memories I associated with the photos, and the Alice in Wonderland imagery creates and additional charm.

Simply Moment of Quality, 6"x6" visual journal pages, 2011

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