artistic themes III: collaged or altered human forms

While continuing to explore commonly used themes in my work. Because the majority of my art instinctual; I’ve returned to consciously assess repeated themes and visual elements.

detail image 3
(Detail image)

Collaged/altered human forms & limbs:  My work contains many examples of bodies with different heads/limbs.  I use original images from high fashion magazines, postcards, stamps, and other ephemera, where the concepts of beauty begin to combine and collide with the absurd. The figures are usually initially aesthetically pleasing on their own. Yet, the final figures also have their own unique beauty in their flaws, and strange angles or proportions.  The disconnected limbs, unexpected layering of the human body also leave the imagery open to the interpretation of the viewer, beyond the implication we all have beauty within our imperfections.

4 Replies to “artistic themes III: collaged or altered human forms”

    1. Thanks so much. I think my work used to be too layer-y, that is was just sort of overwhelming chaos. I am hoping I have evolved my work into layering that is interesting, and eye-catching, but not too crazy. Anyway–thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work and comment–I really appreciate it.


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