artist’s way: introduction

I started Julia Cameron’s book/course, The Artist’s Way.  It had been mentioned in several articles and art blogs I read recently, so maybe the universe was like hey-carly-if-you-are-bored-or-something-maybe-give-this-book-a-go.  I figured for $16.00, it was worth a try.  It may provoke some different inspiration, confidence, or creativity. I'm nearing completion of week one of twelve.  I'm... Continue Reading →

via air mail

My lovely friend Abbie recently sent me a message; she and a few other art friends are having an art postcard exchange.  I always love to hear from Abbie. I miss art-related conversation and the work-in-progress insight of my former classmates. The idea of an art exchange sounded wonderful. A delightful chance to reconnect with... Continue Reading →

image progression: paris I

I'm drawn to windows.  I've noticed they appear frequently in my sketching, painting, and mixed media artwork, as well as my travel photography. In my photography work, I love the beauty of clean uniform lines, architectural aesthetics, and the metaphor of glimpses to another human's unique outlook onto the world, not in a being-creepy-and-I-want-to-look-into-strangers-windows way.... Continue Reading →

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