artist’s way: week seven

My week-long Artist’s Way lessons seem to be taking longer than a week.  I am procrastinating, although I am not sure why.  It isn’t intentional.  I could explain that my husband returned from a TDY earlier this month, we had a large welcome-back gathering to prepare for, thorough house cleaning, Thanksgiving preparations, my work schedule... Continue Reading →

artistic themes IV: fairy tale influence

Fairy tale imagery has appeared consistently in my artwork throughout the past few years.  My association with such imagery had been instinctual—while working, storybook pages, text, or imagery simply seemed to fit with the atmosphere or tone I was creating within a specific piece. I knew I had an internal association with the imagery, and... Continue Reading →

via air mail III

As I mentioned in my previous post last September, several of my fellow artistic college classmates and I took part is a little art postcard exchange.  Our theme was Inside/Outside and over the past month I have been receiving these delightful and inspiring postcards in my post office box.  Our exchange was on a very small... Continue Reading →

via air mail II

This week, several of Cameron’s tasks involved more actual doing, as well as the regular tasks of lists and self-analysis (and of course the artist date and daily morning pages). Week Six: Task no. 4 Creation: Bake something. I am not much of anything in the kitchen.  Baking in particular, with its detailed and specific instructions... Continue Reading →

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