image progression: terceira march

Image 1:  Continuing with the color scheme of this series, I chose the blue and pale green papers, gluing them to the canvas with matte medium.  The rust colored paper on the left is a very soft and absorbent packing material I once received with a shipment of tea.  This creates an interesting texture.  I colored it with red, brown, and yellow inks when the paper was wet, this allowed the color to spread and bleed together.  I let it dry completely before I adhered it to the canvas (to avoid the colors bleeding onto the background paper).

Image 1
Image 1

Image 2:  In the left corner I used the texture created by the rust paper and matte gel to get a thick surface that could hold the shells securely to the canvas.  These shells I found last month when taking a quick walk on the beach one day after lunch with my husband.  Colored sea glass was also used to add to the under ocean concept and color scheme.  On the right, I added some iridescent green powder to darken that protion of the paper.  With the matte medium adhesive still fairly wet, I placed vintage magazine pages (1940s teaching magazines for war-era elementary school teachers) over the green paper, pressing the paper down onto the surface with random vertical lines.  I waited about 4-9 minutes before pulling these pages up, this left me with the subtle backward text you can see in the upper right portion of the piece.  The center spirals were made from tiny snail shells that I had from a previous trip to Hawaii.  Attaching them to the canvas with matte medium was a fairly slow and tedious process, but I am very pleased with the result. 

Image 2
Image 2

Image 3:  Torn vintage storybook pages, stained with coffee and various inks have been attached throughout the right side of the piece.  I cut fish silhouettes out of an orange patterned paper, and glued them around the ocean section.  Found clear sea glass bottle bottoms were also attached at the point, creating adding unity to the piece because of their shape.

Image 3
Image 3

Final Image:  I attached the translucent and gold wood grain acetate on the right.  Flowered tissue paper was placed over papyrus paper in the upper left corner.  I cut out several of the tissue flowers to place them diagonally throughout the piece.  I then let the entire piece dry for at least 24 hours before adding the detail drawing elements with permanent India ink markers.

Terceira March, 14in x 18in, mixed media on canvas, 2011
Terceira March, 14in x 18in, mixed media on canvas, 2011

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