via air mail III

As I mentioned in my previous post last September, several of my fellow artistic college classmates and I took part is a little art postcard exchange.  Our theme was Inside/Outside and over the past month I have been receiving these delightful and inspiring postcards in my post office box.  Our exchange was on a very small scale, but it was nice to reconnect with other artists.  It’s fascinating to see where people are in their lives and where these past six years since college graduation have taken each of us, and how our artistic styles have changed and developed.

Abigail Tjaden:
Ellen Muller:
Katherine Jore:
Crystal Price:
Lylee Heart:

4 Replies to “via air mail III”

  1. I like Nadine Nilles’. I enjoy creating postcards. Maybe because there’s always a glimpse of a thought at the back of my head that the girls on my cards will travel to places I may never visit and in ways I can’t even imagine. Actually, now that I think about it, they’d probably just be stuck in some heap of mail in Kuwait’s central post office for a month or two.


  2. thank you for your ‘like’ at art rat cafe. PC projects are always a cool way to incorporate communicating with art – they are like visual twitters. I also picked out Nadine’s card but she is not on your web list. You are right about tea and England – I grew up a Brit and now live in Vancouver Canada which has a similar climate – lots of tea shops here to keep the damp at bay – but you are now far from gray skies and rain – I’m jealous!
    Your artwork is brilliant, or what I’ve seen of it so far – I’ll be exploring further. I also have a BFA with art history minor and as you have seen, I’m still interested in this latter area. Nice connection Carly – Cheers


    1. I loved Nadine’s postcard too, but she didn’t send me a website link, and looked around her facebook for a site or fanpage, but couldn’t find one. There are a few of the artists that took part in the exchange that sadly, I couldn’t find links to more of their work.

      You live in Canada? I grew up in Montana, about an hour from Canada. We didn’t get to very many places throughout Canada, but where we went was always beautiful. I loved England and would gladly live there again, but I did need a break from the grey for bit.

      Anyway–thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog and my work. I truly appreciate it. It is always interesting to connect with other arty humans.


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