artist’s way, week eight: tranquil, sad, & sleepy

Version of me I, mixed media drawing on canvas, 8in x 8in, 2009
Version of me I • Mixed media drawing • 8in x 8in • Carly Swenson • 2009

Week 8: Take no. 3
During week eight, Cameron’s Color Scheme task consisted of choosing a color and describing that color in several sentences.  The description was to be written in first person, which felt awkward.

My result was the following, this sort-of-cliché-accidentally-poem-ish writing.  To be honest, I’m slightly embarrassed to share this.  But, blue felt like the color to choose–and these were the thoughts that came to mind if I were blue–so, here we go!  Carly pretending to be a color.

I am blue…tranquil, sad and sleepy.
he color of the ocean and the sky, male peacock feathers, and my husband’s eyes.
Blue, the color of the seemingly endless expanse of ocean that makes me feel calm and content, yet physically isolates me from almost all the people I love.
Lonely, cold, distant, fresh, quiet, hopeful, patient and peaceful.

7 Replies to “artist’s way, week eight: tranquil, sad, & sleepy”

  1. I absolutly love the “blue eyes” one and “blue girl II”. I think blue is the deepest color to express dreams and fantasy, and you do that better than anyone. The poem is fantastic too!


    1. Ann–Thanks for the link, and his studies are fantastic, I am completely fine with my work reminding you a little of his. I am flattered:) Thanks so much for your kind words and taking the time to read my post–seriously, thank you.


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