artist’s way, week ten: the resolve of a new year…

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps it's remnants of my suppressed pessimism, but I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment. They don’t work for me.  I can’t simply implement drastic life changes overnight because a new year has begun.  Presumably, very few people can. The arrival of a new year is, however,... Continue Reading →

artist’s way: week ten

Working as an emerging artist can create a slightly problematic situation.  It's difficult to get noticed in a career where the standard for success is completely arbitrary among a seemly limitless mass of other artists, who have their own styles and talents.  It's a struggle to obtain interest for my work from galleries, critics, publishers,... Continue Reading →

2011: sonhos melancolia (melancholy dreams)

Artist Statement:   Terceira (a Portuguese island in the Azores) has a seemingly endless amount of abandoned buildings; I adore them.  An earthquake struck the island near Angra de Heroismo in 1980.  I assume many of these damaged structure were simply created from quake’s aftermath.  I do know some were destroyed by other means, such a flood,... Continue Reading →

via air mail IV

Cloth, Paper, Scissors, an inspiring mixed media/sewing/artistic craft magazine, recently listed a call to artists for art postcards.  The postcards had to be 4in x 6in and at least 50% fabric, from that there it was up to the artist. I enjoy themed art challenges because it forces me to work slightly outside my usual... Continue Reading →

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