artist’s way, week ten: the resolve of a new year…

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps it’s remnants of my suppressed pessimism, but I feel like I’m setting myself up for disappointment. They don’t work for me.  I can’t simply implement drastic life changes overnight because a new year has begun.  Presumably, very few people can.

The arrival of a new year is, however, an ideal opportunity to evaluate my life.  The beginning of a new year forces me to consider where I am and what I have done (or not done) over the past twelve months.  It reminds me to take time to contemplate where I want to go with my life—and implement the subtle changes that will lead to my objectives.

Working through The Artist’s Way has strengthened my belief that subtle changes in my daily routine and seemingly minuscule goals are the ideal when working toward larger scale life changes.  Life is intended to evolve.

However, why wait until a new year to begin evolving into a better human?  Start implementing those little changes tomorrow.  Each new day is a new opportunity to begin to live better–to allow yourself the time and patience to grow into the person you want to be while embracing the good qualities of who you are now.

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