artist’s way, week eleven: artist date

children's watercolor paint

Growing up in a family of public educators (principals & teachers) as well as having many friends who are teachers, I’m not a huge proponent of home-schooling.  Of course, I willingly admit public education needs improvement—however, that has more to do with wages and funding, etc. and is a topic for another time.

I was recently contacted by a home-schooling mother who was organizing a bi-monthly group to promote education, play, and socialization between home-schooled children.  She asked if I was willing to lead an art activity with the students.  Regardless of my personal opinion of home-schooling, I firmly believe in the importance of art education as well as promoting creative outlets in humans at any age.  Fostering such skills in young people is especially important, whether a child is home schooled or publicly educated.  The arts are generally the first programs to be cut. If I have the opportunity to help others discover and explore their creative potential, I absolutely will.

Left: Student's work /Right: Demonstration piece
Left: Student’s work /Right: Demonstration piece

For my week eleven artist date, I had a fun little water color lesson with several pre-school, and elementary-school aged children, about seven total. (Ages ranging from 2-8ish? My ability to gauge the ages of children is impressively poor.)

The kids were adorable and their mothers were fantastic.  They sat with their children and patiently helped them through the lesson.  Some of the younger humans got distracted fairly quickly, but they can’t be faulted for that.  They did try a bit, played with the paint, and loved the water cups.  Ultimately, as long as they had some fun, and potentially learned a little about art, I’m happy. 

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