dia das amigas

My hat was from my lovely mother-in-law.
me, not really sure how to look normal in a hat?

On February 2, the island of Terceira celebrated Dia das Amigas (Lady-Friends’ Day).  Men-friends get their own day as well, I believe it was a week or so ago?  I’m not sure, because I didn’t participate in Dia dos Amigos, since I identify as a human female.  These annual celebrations are traditional local events.  Apparently, mainland Portugal doesn’t have this random celebration.  My landlord explained, it isn’t uncommon for the opposite gender to be denied entrance into some restaurants and bars on these days–which is crazy to me (because that wouldn’t work in the US).  However, in a culture that does embrace aspects of gender roles and socialization, I understand.

Apparently, each group of celebrating women chooses a theme, thus, we all wore hats. The table next to us all wore beautiful scarves.  To be completely honest, this is the extent of my knowledge of Dia das Amigas.  However, my limited understanding of the celebration certainly didn’t prevent me from having an amazing evening with delightful women.

Dia das Amigas...with hats!
Dia das Amigas…with hats!

A lovely friend of mine organized our girls evening.  It’s strange when the only men in a crowded restaurant were just several servers and cooks.  The clientele was all female, just as my landlord had predicted.  Our party consisted of eight women. Eight is a good number—not too small for awkward silences to occur frequently, yet not so large it’s overwhelming. I tend to be a little nervous at all-female gatherings.  Women can, of course, be very wonderful, witty and generally enjoyable—however, they can also be catty, gossipy and conniving (well, so can men, I guess).  I’m happy to say my company was defiantly the former.

table setting

The restaurant had a captivating ambiance and the tables were beautifully decorated with delicate little white flowers and pink rose petals.  Our appetizer was phenomenal vegetarian sushi with mango, red pepper, celery and carrot followed by  sauteed chorizo with onions and mixed Biofontinhas salad.  We had two main dishes and sides that were shared around the table, and a delicious mango mousse for dessert.  Warm lighting, white wine, and unique food created a cozy atmosphere around our table as we laughed and chatted through our three-hour meal.  Terceira’s Dia das Amigas 2012 was a memorable evening with fantastic women.  I’m elated to have taken part in this lovely local tradition.

Potato, fried rice, and steamed vegetable sides dishes--
Potato, fried rice, and steamed vegetable sides dishes–

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  1. Meh, I don’t think it implies that at all, thats like saying Mothers Day assumes that there are no fathers or something … :) It’s just nice, and what a great year it has been for you – celebrating all these new holidays and traditions! I bet you are going to miss it when you leave!


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