artist’s way: week eleven

I know it has been about a month since my Week Eleven artist date, and I have yet to post my update from reading Week Eleven in The Artist’s Way.  My delay may appear to be a lack of interest in Cameron’s book.  In reality, several artistic possibilities are coming to fruition quite abruptly and require the majority of my attention at the moment. 

I did read Week Eleven last month.  As always, Cameron’s chapter was interesting and insightful.  However, I didn’t do any of her assigned tasks except for my morning pages and weekly artist date.  The primary emphasis in Week Eleven was the importance of maintaining well-being physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.  Reading her chapter (combined with the fact almost every American female acquaintance I know locally, has kept her fitness and health resolution since the new year began) reminded me that I do enjoy eating healthy and a moderate degree of fitness activity.  I will never be a a hey-let’s-go-run-5+-miles-everyone sort of gal.  But I’ve been returning to several of my more healthy eating and fitness habits.

Currently, I have several exciting upcoming artistic opportunities.  First, I am involved in another postcard exchange with my collage classmates.  I will post my contributions to our exchange once I’m finished making my fun bits of mail art.  Second, as an artistic military spouse here at Lajes Field, I’ve been given the opportunity to display my work in a prominent building on base.  This is a nice opportunity to gain a bit more visiblity of my work. Next month, I will be having my first solo international art exhibition for a month, in a beautiful venue in Praia de Vitoria.  At the end of March, the base is having an evening of art, wine, and chocolate, where I will be displaying more of my work which will also be for sale. Finally, I received an email last week, explaining three of my art journal pages will be included in the upcoming spring edition of Somerset Art Journaling (which will be released in April).  This means, I have a lot of good things going on in the next few months, and I’m very busy, but happy, preparing for them!

6 Replies to “artist’s way: week eleven”

    1. I really want to finish it though, it is important to me. I can’t make it all the way to week 11 of 12 and stop. I would feel like I let myself down. So once things slow down a little I will finish it up.


      1. Absolutely I agree. I’ve just had a panic on my hands with a deadline of one week for a whole bunch of work I mistakenly thought I had over 5 weeks to create! I HAD to go for it though and met the deadline with 28 minutes to spare. I learnt a lot about my capabilities and it gave me a sense of achievement and abundance. And how supportive my husband is!

        Happy finishing!



        1. 28 mins. to spare? That is awesome! That is fantastic–it is always wonderful to prove to yourself that you CAN do something. I am glad to hear you have a supportive spouse as well. I know I wouldn’t be nearly as effective as I am without his support. He believes in me even when I feel completely hopeless. Thanks for sharing.


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