subtle happiness III: ordinary sounds

Regular sounds that make my heart feel happy:

• .Crisp leaves crunching under my feet
•. The low annoyed grumble Soup makes when I bump her with my legs when she is trying to sleep
• .Rain against the roof as I fall asleep at night
•  Pen writing quickly on paper
• .The tip-tap sound of little dog claws walking on tile
•. Church bells chiming on the hour
•  That crunch of breaking a thin layer of ice that used to be a puddle
• .The jingley sound of my dogs’ collars
• .Distant sounds of trains
•  Leaves very gently rustling in the wind
• .Cracking wood in the fire-place
• .The angry scary noise Doctora likes to make when she plays to sound ferocious
•  My friends laughing
•  The joyful sound of a crowd of strangers all singing along to a song they love at a concert
•  Ocean waves lapping against the shore
• .My kitty purring
•  The tap of heels against hard floors
• .The soft scratching sound of a pencil when sketching
•. Nails gently tapping on a keyboard
• .Little puppy snores
•  The white noise of a fan at night during the summer

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