momentary visual autobiography: part I

I’m very excited to have received the poster marketing for my upcoming exhibition. I provided an image of me to be posted on a digital slide with my Artist Bio and was surprised the design team chose to use this image for the event’s advertising (as opposed to my artwork).  I know my artwork can be a bit chaotic, making it difficult to use for marketing materials. The designer(s) made a striking poster, even if it doesn’t show any of my work. I’m still a bit self-conscious about my face being the sole visual representation of the exhibition.  I suppose—it’s fitting, in the aspect of the show theme being autobiographical.

I also want to take a moment to give due credit to the talented photographer and all-around beautiful human being, Ramona Bushey, for shooting this striking image of me.

Art studio, pink wall
my art studio, pink wall

As a military spouse, it’s hard to develop my own careers as we travel throughout the world—wherever the military sees fit to station my husband.  Therefore, this upcoming exhibition is not only exciting for me because it’s my first solo international exhibition, but also because it provides an opportunity to define myself on my own terms.  I’m able to demonstrate my skills and ambition as an artist and not just my military husband’s wife.

For any of you who do happen to live on this lovely little island of Terceira, you are invited to attend my opening, March 10 at 20:30 (8:30pm) at the Academia de Juventude e das Artes da Ilha Terceira in Praia de Vitoria right next to the Auditório Ramo Grande (movie theatre) on the ocean front. My Momentary Visual Autobiography exhibition will include 22 works on canvas, 15 digital images and a wall of over fifty sets of 6in x 6in visual journal pages.  If you are unable to attend my opening, the exhibition will be on display until April 10.

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