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  1. This is wonderful, I love the elephant walking on the curve.

    1. Thanks, I liked the elephant too, but I don’t really like how it turned. I suppose when doing 366 of anything, some are bound to be better than others.:)

      1. I’m surprised to hear that because I honestly think it’s a brilliant one! I really like the way the elephant’s foot is bent, just the way they do bend them, and I love the beautiful egg timer (if that’s what it is?) underneath. I thought it was a lovely composition.

        1. I was just going with hour glass, but I think that is pretty much just a big egg timer? It felt awkward to me, I guess. I don’t know. I was tempted not to post it, but that felt like breaking my rules. It is neat that you like it though. I find it intriguing to see what people do and don’t like in my work.

        2. Hour glass, yes, that was what I was thinking of. I can understand you not wanting to post it if you weren’t happy with it but I’m really glad you did. Maybe the idea you had in your head didn’t materialise the way you wanted it to, but since I wasn’t expecting anything in particular I was very pleasantly surprised by it.

        3. Really, most of these don’t start with an idea in my head, I just start drawing, sometimes words in songs inspire imagery, or I use a reference image and build from there. But there is very, very rarely a plan with these–I just sort of go.

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