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  1. I love the candle-holder and the curtain turning into a branch. You’re so imaginative! Do you do your sketches at the same time every day?

    1. I don’t know, I do a few at a time. I wrote it in my intro to the project, because I don’t want to seem shady about it. I draw when I feel like it, or when I need to post a new one. Some days I draw 5 other days I don’t draw any, but my goal is to draw 366 and I post them daily in the order I draw them. My husband has a rule that he will cook dinner, but I have to hang out in the kitchen with him, so I usually sketch a lot then while he cooks and we chat.

      1. That creates a very cosy scene, you drawing as he cooks. Lovely!

        1. Yea, it is sweet. Sometimes I just draw in the morning too, with my coffee on the sofa. Those are the two main places and times.

        2. You have a nice life-work balance!

        3. Thanks! I try to:)

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