momentary visual autobiography: part IV

Last Saturday night was the opening for my Momentary Visual Autobiography mixed media exhibition.  I was very excited, but also incredibly nervous.  As I changed clothes at least six times, (and my husband patiently waited on the sofa for me to eventually decide what to wear) my mind reeled with all the incessantly absurd ideas of what could possibly go wrongWhat if no one comes?  What if nobody likes my work? What if I appear unprofessional?  What if I do something dopey and embarrass myself?  What if I trip getting out of the taxi cab, rip my tights, scrap my head on an inconveniently placed curb, and begin bleeding profusely? 

Unsurprisingly to anyone in a rational state of mind, none of that occurred.  For a brief moment as I stepped out of the taxi, I did catch my coat in the car door.  However, that dilemma was easily resolved when–I opened the door, removed my coat, and once again closed the door without my coat in it.  I’m a clever human.

The event began at 8:30pm and lasted for nearly three hours.  People came and went throughout the evening.  I was amazed how interested and encouraging people were about my iwork.  I was impressed by the length of time most people spent looking at the details of each work and I did my best to answer any questions about themes, technique, or images used in my pieces.  I also enjoyed listening to others’ interpretations of my work.


Exhibition Opening VIII, photo/copyright: Stephanie Grant 2012
Exhibition Opening VIII, photo/copyright: Stephanie Grant 2012
Exhibition opening X, photo/copyright: Stephanie Grant 2012
Exhibition opening X, photo/copyright: Stephanie Grant 2012

Hours passed quickly as people socialized, took photos, discussed the works and drank wine.  Over fifty people attended, which was better than I had hoped.  I was also introduced to several other American artistic humans as well as a few local Portuguese artists.  Meeting other arty people always makes my heart genuinely happy.

As well, as being an all-around wonderful evening with wonderful people, I also sold three pieces from the exhibition.  Those works included, The Allure of SlumberA Warmth I Can Hold in My Hands, and On those days

While, I should have expected this, I hadn’t prepared for it–As the evening began, I was asked to speak.  The result of this request was a fantastic awkward three-minute-ish rambling of gratitude that was similar to this:

Thank you so much for allowing me to opportunity to show my art in the beautiful space…I’m glad I can have it here and not just in storage in my studio.  Thank you all for taking the time to come out tonight, it really means a lot to me….Seriously, I really appreciate your support…and…uhh…feel free to take photos.  You can touch the work if you want.  I know I use a lot of texture.  If you are gentle, you wont hurt the work…so feel free to touch it. Um? If you have any questions, I will try to answer them.  Thanks again for coming.  Okay…um…most of the work is for sale, if anyone is interested….the prices are in this little thing here…so…that is fun.  Thanks again for coming out to see my art.  Yay.  Yay—art.  Okay.  Thank you.  

Exhibition opening III, photo/copyright: Stephanie Grant 2012
Exhibition opening III, photo/copyright: Stephanie Grant 2012

And despite that dynamic speech, people still stuck around to enjoy my opening, proving as I mentioned before, the event was attended by many kind humans.  And although, it was reiterated throughout my speech summary—I am very grateful to all those who were kind enough to spend a portion of their Saturday night with me.  I am truly grateful for their willingness to participate in this event as well as their thoughtful words regarding my exhibition.

Honestly, thank you.

9 Replies to “momentary visual autobiography: part IV”

  1. Well done, I’m so pleased it went well. It must be fascinating listening to people interpret your work. I wish I could pop in and see your exhibition for myself, it looks so good in your photos!


    1. Well, I was lucky to have some talented photographs taking photos. The camera I brought was just a little one that wasn’t very good, so mine didn’t turn out. But it was a nice time. I was very happy with it.


  2. “As I changed clothes at least six times, (and my husband patiently waited on the sofa for me to eventually decide what to wear) …”

    What, you mean you didn’t go naked?

    Great pictures and the works looked brilliant. Who could not like them?!

    Ann :)


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