artist’s way, week twelve: happiness in glasses-form

I love fun, funky plastic framed glasses.  I’ve worn glasses since the fourth grade, and I’ve worn plastic frames for years.  I like the aesthetic.  Also, they are generally more durable and more comfortable.  However, I have never worn particularly unique frames.  I have always admired people who were confident enough to wear such bold yet super fun glasses frames.  As anyone with impaired vision is aware, glasses are a commitment.  They cost several hundred dollars and are worn every single day.  Therefore, picking funky and colorful frames requires a lack of self-consciousness, since other humans may not appreciate blatant, chunky eyewear. Or they might not match that shirt, or those shoes, etc.

me, 2012

I do think partially due to my work through the Artist’s Way, I’m more one of those people-ish, who does have that confidence.  I have tattoos, I like fun colored hair, and I enjoy chunky plastic frames on my face.  I used to think, since I’m nearing thirty, it’s time I start to act and look more adult.

However, I realized that preconceived idea of adult and what I think others expect of me, isn’t who I am. (–and maybe that isn’t even what people do expect?) My style certainly isn’t extreme, but I don’t want to find myself boring.  That being said, if people write me off based on the pink in my hair or my tattoos or the fact that I have both when I am in my late twenties—that’s fine, since more than likely humans who will dismiss me that easily, wouldn’t be a positive addition to my life.

So here I am with my new funky frames.

I like them.

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