travel photography: england

I wouldn't consider myself a photographer.  But I do love photography, and I've taken several courses over the years.  Although, in the grand scheme of photography, I could still learn so much more about lighting techniques, camera functions, Photoshop, etc. That being said, my lack of extensive knowledge and professional experience doesn't stop me from... Continue Reading →

2011: altered endings

As I mentioned in my previous artistic themes post, fairy tales has always captivated me.  As an adult, they still hold a certain allure for me that is difficult to explain. Aesthetically, I love the iconographic associations we all have with very basic fairy tale imagery—a half eaten apple, a red cloak, a glass slipper,... Continue Reading →

via air mail VI

As I mentioned in my previous post, Via Air Mail V, I recently took part in my second art postcard exchange with artistic classmates from college, and a few additional friends.  I enjoy every aspect of postcard exchanges.  It is delightful to create small mail-able art, and send it off around the world.  In turn,... Continue Reading →

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