via air mail VI

Welcoming 2012 Postcard Exchange
Welcoming 2012 Postcard Exchange

As I mentioned in my previous post, Via Air Mail V, I recently took part in my second art postcard exchange with artistic classmates from college, and a few additional friends.  I enjoy every aspect of postcard exchanges.  It is delightful to create small mail-able art, and send it off around the world.  In turn, it is just as enjoyable to see the art I receive in return.  Our artistic styles vary drastically, and we each prefer different techniques.  Since, I live in the Azores, mail can take slightly longer to reach me than it would if I were still in the states.  Our base post office only receives shipments of mail from the US a couple of times a week.  I don’t mind the wait, it simply means the fun of receiving postcards tends to extend over a month or so, instead of a couple weeks.  The following are images of several of the postcards I have received from my talented arty friends around the planet.


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