commission: with you in my life…

A client recently commissioned this piece from me.  She wanted a unique and sentimental gift for a birthday gift for her closest friend.  I was delighted when she told me my art was the first idea that came to mind.

My client described her favorite friend.  She explained  pink is her favorite color, she’s very feminine, loves flowers, and lilies are her favorite, and she was originally from New York.  She also provided me with a quote and a favorite photo of the two of them together.  I edited the image in Photoshop.  I wanted the photo to have a photo-booth strip feel.  Pink lace altered with colored ink also gave the piece a striking texture.  I feel Mucha’s depiction of the female form has a captivating femininity all its own, and fit perfectly with the atmosphere I wanted to create in the work.

Image 1
Image 1
Image 3
Image 3
Image 4

With You in My Life..., 11in x 14in, mixed media collage on canvas, 2012
With You in My Life… • 11in x 14in • Mixed media collage • Carly Swenson • 2012

The work also reminded me of this commission I did near the end of last year for a different client.  She too, wanted a birthday gift for her close friend—whose favorite color was also pink.

I Blame the Weather & the Cheap Liquor, mixed media collage, 11in x 14in, 2011
I Blame the Weather & the Cheap Liquor • Mixed media collage • 11in x 14in • Carly Swenson • 2011

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