artist date: june 2012

My June artist date was a trip to the beach in Praia de Vitoria.  This was my first time going to the beach this summer.  I love going to the beach with friends, but I also truly enjoy lying in the sand by myself.  When I listen to the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, my stress fades and I just feel content.  With the sun on my face, everything in life seems fine–at least in that moment.  I love the sun. And I love the water.  It’s as simple as that.  My mother is the same way—maybe I get it from her?  What I do know is when I have sun on my skin, I gain a renewed faith in the beauty of life.

I also used the opportunity the play with my Instagram app on my iPad.  I know that is a little cliché, because everyone has Instagram(--and filters are overused, blah, blah, blah…) However, even if it’s everywhere and everyone is playing with it—eh. It doesn’t matter. Instagram images look neat. And it’s a fun way to add atmosphere to ordinary snapshots.  It gives images character.  I like that.

After that, I just laid out on the beach for a couple of hours (after reapplying sunscreen, because–sunscreen is very important).  I sat in the light waves, watching this little school of tiny fish swimming around shifting in the current.

Life is beautiful.

6 Replies to “artist date: june 2012”

  1. artist date.. what a lovely idea :) sun makes me so happy too, I just cannot be upset on a sunny day. when sunbeams touch my skin, I can feel how i am all filling up with positive energy :)


    1. Exactly! That sounds so weird, but it is totally true. The artist date idea is from Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, and basically it is just a couple hours just to yourself to play, do anything inspiring.


      1. That’s right! I guess I should read the book after all, I can see it has been quite influential these recent years and many friends recommended me to read it


        1. I have loved it! I posted blogs from each week and each artist date as I worked though the 12 weeks. But it was very helpful. It brought about some very healthy subtle changes in my work and my life. It wasn’t anything earth-shattering, but just a positive shift of mind.


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