the sketchbook project 2013: lyrically inclined

The Sketchbook Project 2013
The Sketchbook Project 2013

Inspired by my fellow BSU classmates, the delightful Katherine of the Daydream House, the lovely Crystal Price as well as various other talented artists, I’ve also decided to join the thousands of artists taking part in The Sketchbook Project 2013

I was excited to receive my sketchbook despite its rather unimpressive size.  However, I assume if you are collecting and exhibiting literally thousands of sketchbooks by artists who are able to disassemble and reassemble them in numerous ways it’s important to keep the basic form relatively small and simplistic.

I decided I will be cutting mine apart and reassembling it when I’m finished.  I prefer to work with paper detached from the sketchbook.  This allows me to work on different stages of separate pages without having to wait for paint and adhesives to dry.

When I signed up for the project I didn’t have a theme.  Looking through my past visual journals and daily sketches I’ve found the reoccurring inspiration of music and lyrics.  I want to use this project to further develop this style and influence.  I’m looking forward to getting started on this project and sharing my work as my art-journal sketchbook evolves.

I can’t shake the lingering obvious reality, that in the grand scheme of all these sketchbooks, mine will merely blend in with all the others.  However, on a person level, it’s a thought-provoking project and I love the idea of different artists from around the world, of different ages with limitless styles taking the exact same blank, empty, and boring little sketchbook and bring something completely unique and entirely their own into the world. I love the idea of my art being a part of something bigger.

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  1. I love all your journal pages; will you be posting your work with the sketchbook project, as well? I’ve been fascinated with project since it’s inception, but need to find a way for my art to become more habitual before signing up for something like this. (In fact, I just asked the question on my blog to readers about techniques they use to stay creative when life is conspiring against it.)


    1. You should totally do it! Just have fun. Your work is fabulous. The sketchbook is pretty small, so I am sure since it isn’t due until October, you could easily fill it by then. And yes, I will be posting updates on my sketchbook, and finished pages as I go. I don’t think it will take me very long, though. I am pretty excited. When I am in the mood, I work pretty fast.


      1. I am definitely going to keep it linked for next year. I still build pages very slowly, plus for the time being groceries and cat food take priority. :) This past week was the first I’ve worked on art everyday, though, and it felt very good. It felt right.


    1. Yea, you have to pay $25, I think? That was what had detoured me in previous years. But it is such a neat idea, I decided I would just bit the bullet, pay, and have fun being a part of it.


  2. Hi Carly, glad to know you too are doing Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook 2013. I’ve done three sketchbooks now and it’s been phenomenal for progressing my art. Well worth doing. And a great way to connect with artists of all shapes, ages and sizes round the world. I’ll be at the London showing of the 2012. I look forward to seeing your work on your Art House page. Ann


    1. That is so neat. I think it is really exciting to see who else I may know(ish) who is/has taken part. I think it is a pretty amazing concept. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out what I am planning to do with it. I wish I were still in England so I could check it out.


      1. Let me know when you upload anything to your Art House page. Though if you’re like me, you will do it all at the last minute. I finished my previous one and rushed it to the Post Office with only 17 minutes to spare! Ann


        1. Yea, I am still not quite sure what I am supposed to do as far as their online community is concerned. I am about half done now–so hopefully I will be fine with the deadline.:)


        2. You have a web page/gallery on Art House. You can upload your images there, add a Profile and links to your web sites etc. You can check out other artists’ work and ‘follow’ them and get followed. I’ve ‘met’ quite a few artists through Art House and some near to me in the UK. Ann


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