extraordinary construction: concept image one

I was thinking an origami-looking city on the cover.  Maybe to even look like Minneapolis for example?  I want this one to be black and white, but color in the windows of the city.  The last thing I was thinking was to have the shadow of a hand over the city like it’s trying to touch it.
-Ben’s description of his cover concept

Ben Westlie, is a wonderful human being, one of my closest friends and a very talented emerging poet.  His second chapbook was recently accepted by his publisher.  I had the pleasure designing the cover for his first book. And he has once again asked me to develop several potential cover images for his second book, entitled Extraordinary Construction.

Concept image 1: In process 1
Concept image 1: In process 1
Concept image 1: In process 2
Concept image 1: In process 2
Concept image 1: In process 3
Concept image 1: In process 3

Extraordinary Construction, concept image 1, 2012
Extraordinary Construction • Mixed media collage concept image 1 • Carly Swenson • 2012

For this work, I wasn’t sure how to create an origami type look to the cityscape.  I used different black and white patterned papers cut both in angles and vertically to suggest folded lines.  I don’t think the process was particularly successful in creating an origami appearance.  However, I do think it worked aesthetically in the composition.

I did create a couple other collage images based on the concept. Now back to work to create another image based on this theme for consideration of both Ben and his publishers.

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