artist date: september 2012

Soupy with her fun (temporary) pink mohawk. 2012

While cleaning and organizing the grooming room at my work, our new groomer discovered a partially used container of (vegan) dog-fur-coloring-color.  I decided my two girls might be the ideal blank-puppy-canvases.  This past weekend, my very patient dogs received rather unique colorings.  I brushed a couple pink hearts on little Doctora, although the second smaller one didn’t turn out very well.  My punk Soupy girl is now extra badass with her bright pink summer-mohawk haircut.  My mom will not find this nearly as cute as I do. (Sorry, mama, but I know you love your grand-puppies despite their appearances.)

Doctor Morris with her heart tattoo. 2012
Doctor Morris with her heart tattoo. 2012

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