angry red kitties

I recently had the joy of an art night with a couple friends.  One has not done much with art since she had her first adorable little human child three years ago.  I don’t know if it’s the beautiful atmosphere of the island, boredom, random inspiration, or listening to me ramble on about art–but whatever the reason she found herself back in the wonderful world of arty-goodness.

This particular evening she was feeling print-y, and we followed her lead.  I love the process or printmaking, even though it goes against my slightly impatient nature.  I also don’t think it is one of my stronger artistic skills.

However, art night is about enjoying the process of creating–not the end result, although, the end result was pretty fun.  We each created a lino-cut cat in our own style.

Fat angry cat, Megan Ramage-White, 2012
Fat angry cat • M.R.W. • 2012
Messy cat, Carly Swenson 2012
Messy cat • Carly Swenson • 2012
Meow cat, Trishell Bates, 2012
Meow cat • T. Bates • 2012

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