the sketchbook project 2013: you let me down

All that loving must have been lacking something, if I got bored trying to figure you out. You let me down. I don’t even like you anymore at all. –Fiona Apple

Completed Page Set, 2012
You let me down • Visual journal • Carly Swenson • 2012
Page 1, 2012
Page 1 • Carly Swenson • 2012
Page 2, 2012
Page 2 • Carly Swenson • 2012

4 Replies to “the sketchbook project 2013: you let me down”

  1. Fabulous images, Carly! Oh and last Friday I was at the Arthouse Co-op’s LONDON venue of the 2012 Sketchbook tour. Had a really good time, met some good people. We had to be kicked out in the end! I’ll be blogging about it soon. You’re way ahead of me with the 2013. Mine is still all in my head. Next year I should be able to check out your sketchbook in the real world! Ann


      1. The exhibition ended and the sketchbooks have returned to Brooklyn. I have made some new art friends out of the process, met the organisers, that’s aside from the various benefits of doing the sketchbook project. My sketchbook was viewed in several venues around the US/Canada too. I like the idea that something I made was handled by some other people a long way away. Ann


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