2011: haunted

Artist Statement: I have an addiction to photographing the abandoned building I find all around this beautiful island of Terceira.  I’m completely drawn to them, despite the insects, mold, and scratchy plant life that inevitably await me within and around these structures.

Forgotten books, papers and monochrome family photos littering shelves, reminds me other humans once lived here.  Those people had their own passions, struggles and memories. In reality, I don’t think any of these places are haunted.

However, the concept of these places having been deeply personal spaces, now quietly deserted causes me to contemplate the unique histories of these rooms.  This contemplation combined with the appealing aesthetic of antique photos and early photographic attempts to provide evidence of ghosts is the inspiration for my most recent Haunted series of digital photo manipulations.

Lovers Lost, digital photo-manipulations, 2011
Lovers Lost… digital photo-manipulation, 2011
His Memories Remain, digital photo-manipulations, 2011
His Memories Remain… digital photo-manipulations, 2011
Mirror, Mirror, digital photo-manipulations, 2011
Who is the Fairest? digital photo-manipulation, 2011
She Knew, digital photo-manipulations, 2011
She Knew… digital photo-manipulation, 2011
What he wrote.. digital photo-manipulation, 2011
What he wrote.. digital photo-manipulation, 2011
The Waiting... digital photo-manipulation, 2011
The Waiting… digital photo-manipulation, 2011
It's raining, it's pouring... digital photo-manipulation, 2011
It’s raining, it’s pouring… digital photo-manipulation, 2011
Longingly... digital photo-manipulation, 2011
Longingly… digital photo-manipulation, 2011
Lost. digital photo-manipulation, 2011
Lost. digital photo-manipulation, 2011

5 Replies to “2011: haunted”

  1. I loved these last year and I love them this year still. Very inspirational and giddy-making. I often speak to my children about someone I know who lives on a Portuguese island full of abandoned homes. All four of us share the same excitability over these treasure troves.


  2. I didn`t remember these from last year .They are AWESOME . My mind wanted to stop and think of stories to go with each piece. Geez you are so good Carly. You send my imagination into another era with these.



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