the sketchbook project 2013: a heavy heart

I was a heavy heart to carry, but he never let me down.
–Florence + the machine

Image 1
Image 1
Image 2
Image 2

Completed Page Set, 2012
Completed Page Set, 2012
Page 1, 2012
Page 1 • Carly Swenson • 2012
Page 2, 2012
Page 2 • Carly Swenson • 2012

6 responses to “the sketchbook project 2013: a heavy heart”

  1. : Really wish to have all the creativity and lovely hand like yours… Interesting in painting, drawing, sketching but in Malaysia, to attend school like that need a lot of money…

    Anyway, I love your blog and ALL your drawings!!


    • You should! Even if you can’t go to school, you can still get a cheap set of watercolor paints, some markers, pencils and a sketchbook. Just play. The main point is to enjoy the creative process. It might not be your career or education, but it can still be your hobby and your passion.


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