high gloss dolls publication by fraulein ehrhardt

High Gloss Dolls, by photographer Fraulein Ehrhardt , Goliath Publishing, 2012
High Gloss Dolls by photographer Fraulein Ehrhardt • Goliath Publishing • 2012

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I have no objection to artistic nudity and I used to model when I lived in England.  Last October, the lovely Katja Erhardt informed me, a book featuring her photography and latex fashions was being released later that month, and an image of me from our shoot several years earlier was going to be included.

Shooting with Katja was an amazing experience.  When I first began modeling, I’d come across her work and was always astounded by her utterly striking and sexy imagery. When she later contacted me about a potential shoot, I was beyond excited at the opportunity.  We shot for hours in a very white studio space on a rainy grey day in Hamburg, Germany.


photo/copyright: Katja Ehrhardt (censored for the comfort of my family)
photo/copyright: Katja Ehrhardt (censored for the comfort of my family)

Katja is an insanely talented woman, she did it all.  She was the make-up artist, photographer, latex designer, and photo-editor of our shoot.  When I saw her completed images from out shoot, I could hardly believe it was me.

Alternative modeling was never a career aspiration of mine, but it’s fun and flattering to see my image among the well-known and exceedingly gorgeous women of the genre.

Anyway, it was surprising to have the chance to travel to Germany and work with the remarkable Fraulein Ehrhardt of High Gloss Dolls.  This is her book (top left), the image of me from her book (right) and several other images from my shoot with Katja (below), detail images have been cropped from the original image to avoid any potential awkwardness of my family or more conservative friends viewing my breasts.

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  1. I follow your blog as a fellow artist but it would seem somehow churlish not to at least pass comment here on your stunning beauty. Congratulations to you and the artist. It’s interesting, how you are presented here. I know that some people have a thing for latex, on themselves or others, perhaps feeling like an extra skin, and in appearence both concealing and accentuating parts of the human form. But for me, what the artist seems to be doing is abstracting from your shape. You seem transformed, ageless, incorruptable but also distanced from your humanity. I wonder how the people who know you feel about the images. I don’t mean anyone who is shocked by such things, but simply as a point of art, how someone mentally reconciles this abstracted you with the everyday you. Thanks for showing this.


    1. My close friends from college find the dichotomy hilarious. They think my modeling photos are beautiful, but they know me as the clumsy, funny, dopey girl–I am not the woman images like that portray. I guess that is one reason it is so fun, it is sort of like playing dress-up and being someone I am not. I think there is a beautiful aesthetic to latex, maybe because it is shiny and I am a bit of a raccoon like that? I know some have have a fetish for it, but I think there is a beauty to it beyond any sexual connotation. But I know not everyone would agree with me.:)


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