sete pecados sociais/seven social sins: part I

Angra do Heroísmo Museum, exterior
Angra do Heroísmo Museum

I was completely delighted (and more than a little surprised) when I was greeted by two women who worked with the Angra Museum expressing their interest in my work—and the possibility of exhibiting my work in their venue.  They had both truly enjoyed my Momentary Visual Autobiography exhibition in Praia last March.

I was ecstatic at the possibility of my first exhibition in a museum—however, I didn’t want to say too much to anyone until my potential showing had been confirmed.  After several months of back and forth emails, we had decided on a body of work to exhibit, show dates, and secured the approval of the museum’s curator and director.

Therefore, I’m excited to announce I will be having an upcoming solo exhibition in the Angra do Heroísmo Museu.  My Seven Social Sins (or Sete Pecadoes Sociais, in Portuguese) will be on display from February 23-June 9, 2013.

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