commission: …always in our hearts.

I recently completed this commissioned piece for a client who has been very supportive of my work throughout the last couple years.  I was very excited about the challenge of this piece, but I was also a little nervous.  She had sent me about sixteen VHS cases from old Shirley Temple movies.  These held significant sentimental value to her, because her grandmother, throughout her childhood, had given them to her.  While we all know, VHS is a dead media format, she couldn’t stand the thought of parting with all these old tapes.

I suggested making an art piece with them—an idea she loved.  However, since I only had one of each movie, I only really had one chance to get the piece right, without wrecking her much-loved ephemera.  As I do with all my commissioned works, I sent my client photos of the progression of her piece.  I was delighted when she was as happy with how the piece turned out as I was.

In-progress, image 1
In-progress, image 1
In-progress, image 2
In-progress, image 2

...always in our hearts.  24in x 24in mixed media collage on canvas, 2013
…always in our hearts. • 24in x 24in • Mixed media collage • Carly Swenson • 2013
detail image 1
detail image 1 • Carly Swenson • 2013

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