sete pecados sociais/seven social sins: children and art

Today, I was filming an interview at the MAH about the current exhibition.  After the interview I was going to join a class of younger children for their collaborative art workshop inspired by my show. As we were filming the students arrived--we paused our filming to allow them to continue with the introduction presentation to... Continue Reading →

art lessons: I

Every Wednesday I teach an hour-long lesson to a lovely 10-year old girl. She is home-schooled and her mother thought with her daughters enjoyment of art, weekly lessons would be a nice addition. I started in January, and this has been the first time I have taught on-going individual art lessons. I knew they would... Continue Reading →

sete pecados sociais/seven social sins: almoco com carly swenson

I recently took part in the Angra Museum's International Women’s Day Luncheon in conjunction with my Seven Social Sins exhibition currently on display.  I knew March was considered Women’s History month, but I was unaware March 8, was International Women’s Day until I was asked to take part in the museum's event. Since I'm a... Continue Reading →

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