365 good days: #90

Between my kennel work shifts this morning and afternoon, I spent all day in my studio.  Any day I get to work on art for hours is a good day.  I am currently finishing up several works for an upcoming exhibition in April, as well as finishing a larger commissioned piece.

365 good days: #89

I love driving home from work, singing along to the music, with my window down.  I love the sun in my eyes and the wind moving my hair about all crazy--everything in life feels like it is exactly how it should be in those passing moments.

365 good days: #88

Casey wakes up at 5:15 am every weekday morning.  Which I find stupid-early.  He lets the dogs out for their exciting-morning-pee-time (Seriously, they find it insanely exciting).  After this, he returns to his morning routine with the cat and the dogs curl up back in bed with me.  One on each side is a perfect... Continue Reading →

painting with a twist–

I have never considered myself a particularly spousey spouse.  After several negative experiences at my last base, I found it best (and emotionally safer) to simply keep to myself and (now) a few close friends.  However, as I have mentioned before—my lovely friend, Megan, as helped to drag me out of my socially awkward, and charmingly... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #85

Today, I was filming an interview at the MAH about the current exhibition.  After the interview I was going to join the class of younger children for their art workshop inspired by the show.  As we were filming the students arrived--we paused our filming to allow them to continue with the introduction to their workshop.... Continue Reading →

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