image progression: nyx • goddess of the night

(Nyx) Greek Mythology goddess of the night.

Initial concept sketch
Initial concept sketch

Nyx • 12in x 24in • Mixed media collage • Carly Swenson • 2013
detail image 2
detail image 2 • Carly Swenson • 2013

4 responses to “image progression: nyx • goddess of the night”

  1. I absolutely love this one. Makes me want to try a mixed media collage but I can’t draw and I’ve never tried to paint so I doubt I would be able to create something this awesome. Do you sell these? Are you even allowed to sell them if you use images/items from elsewhere? Sorry about all the questions I’m just interested in trying to develop a creative side that has long been dormant and undeveloped.


    • YOU SHOULD! You absolutely should. They whole thing is to not take yourself too seriously, and have fun. Remember when you make art, you are making it because you enjoy it–sort of like playing for adults. It is more about the process than the result. Everyone is creative, you just have to let yourself experiment. I do sell my work–I have a little tab on the top of my blog that explains how that works.:)


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