sete pecados sociais/seven social sins: almoco com carly swenson

Beautiful table decorations created by one of the talented event organizers.
Beautiful table decorations created by one of the talented event organizers.
Courtyard seating--
Courtyard seating–

I recently took part in the Angra Museum’s International Women’s Day Luncheon in conjunction with my Seven Social Sins exhibition currently on display.  I knew March was considered Women’s History month, but I was unaware March 8, was International Women’s Day until I was asked to take part in the museum’s event.

Since I’m a woman, and many of my works feature strong feminist themes–one of the event’s coordinators thought it would be interesting for guests to take part in a guided tour of my exhibition after lunch event, as well as having the opportunity to chat with the artist. I was honored to be included.  Also, currently on display and included in the event was a tour of the Aparência e Quotidiano exhibit, a fascinating collection of antique women’s clothing and furnishings.

Feb 26, 2013: MAH  Newsletter, announcing International Women's Day Luncheon
Feb 26, 2013: MAH Newsletter, announcing International Women’s Day Luncheon

When I arrived the tables were beautifully set with charming center pieces.  The fruit, ribbon, and twine were visuals cleverly alluding to elements found in my work.  A poem written by a female Portuguese poet was neatly tied to each apple.  It was a very windy day, but the architecture surrounding the gorgeous stone courtyard blocked the wind, but allowed the fresh air and cheerful sunlight through.  The scent of delicious Portuguese food drifted through the air, and I felt so flattered I was even there.

About seventy-five people attended the event.  It would be utterly arrogant of me to assume that all or even the majority (or any?) of those in attendance were there because my name was in the event title.  I assume supporting the historic museum; an amazingly lunch, love of arts and culture, and an appreciation of women as a whole were more than likely people’s primary reasons for attending.

More delightful event decor--

However, it was an opportunity for more people to view my work, and I was able to meet a more nice, interesting, and creative humans.  In all honesty, my artist talk left something to be desired.  I suppose that was due to a combination of my difficulty speaking about my conceptual mixed media works, and the obvious language barrier.

Luckily, people were still very cordial despite my shortcomings, and additionally, the aforementioned event coordinator was able to speak on my behalf about my works in Portuguese—for which, I am very grateful.


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