ancient gods and contemporary circumstances

The weather had been less than desirable for days (well, weeks--to be honest).  Strong winds and intermittent rains brought me to the conclusion that, while the weather the night of my opening was likely to be less than ideal, I assumed it wouldn't actually impact the (indoor) event itself.  We had finished installing the exhibition earlier that... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #120

This weekend, my work hosted another Pet Adoption Day in an attempt to connect pets currently in caring foster care with loving forever homes.  Two adorable little (well, one little and one very big) dogs found their new families.  These events are always a little happy and sad.  In one way, pet adoption days make me very grateful and... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #118

The weather here has still been  awful. I can't think of another time it has been this rainy for this long.  However, it does provide a good opportunity to slow down for a bit and simply cuddle on the sofa a with a few of my favorite creatures.

365 good days: #115

Today, I set up my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition with the help of a kind Portuguese man.  He seemed to like my work, because he pointed at several images, commenting "Linda," which means  "Beautiful."  So that was very nice of him, despite the fact-- he also seemed relatively disappointed by my inability to... Continue Reading →

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