ancient gods and contemporary circumstances: part II

The weather had been less than desirable for days (well, weeks--to be honest).  Strong winds and intermittent rains brought me to the conclusion that, while the weather the night of my opening was likely to be less than ideal, I assumed it wouldn't actually impact the (indoor) event itself.  We had finished installing the exhibition earlier that... Continue Reading →

ancient gods & contemporary circumstances: part I

Today, I set up my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition with the help of a kind Portuguese man.  He seemed to like my work, because he pointed at several images, commenting "Linda," which means  "Beautiful."  So that was very nice of him, despite the fact-- he also seemed relatively disappointed by my inability to... Continue Reading →

press: agenda museu

My recent Seven Social Sins exhibition (and events relating to it), at the Angra Museum has produced some fun publicity for my work, including the museum's weekly and monthly newsletters. For me, it's exciting (and a little vain?) to have this opportunity to see my work well-publicized.  However, either way--I am nothing but grateful to... Continue Reading →

press: carly swenson expoe na praia

To my surprise, this article about my upcoming art exhibition in Praia de Vitoria was published in the local newspaper last night. Since I don't receive local newspaper, I had no idea until a couple of Portuguese coworkers told me.  One was kind enough email me that article as well as a rough translation. Article Translation: Carly Swenson Exhibits in Praia... Continue Reading →

art lessons: III

Blind contour drawings--how fun are those?!  I haven't drawn them in years, but for my art lesson today my student and I played with drawing our hands--blindly. Using a fine tipped marker and drawing all the lines of your fingers and knuckles is a wonderful way to get familiar with all the intricate details that... Continue Reading →

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