press: carly swenson expoe na praia

4 Abr 2013, Diario Insular, page 12
4 Abr 2013, Diario Insular, pg 12

To my surprise, this article about my upcoming art exhibition in Praia de Vitoria was published in the local newspaper last night. Since I don’t receive local newspaper, I had no idea until a couple of Portuguese coworkers told me.  One was kind enough email me that article as well as a rough translation.

Article Translation:

Carly Swenson Exhibits in Praia

An exhibition by American artist, Carly Swenson, opens at the Academia de Juventude ilha Terceira, in Praia da Vitória, on April 26. The show, entitled Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances, includes twenty mixed media works on canvas.  The exhibition will be open to public until May 26, will also include a digital component presenting the concept sketches of the work in the exhibition. Carly Swenson is currently associated with Lajes Field Air Base.  She is also a resident artist at the Academia de Juventude, and this will be her second solo exhibition in the space.  Last year, from March 10 through April 10 the Academia exhibited Momentary Visual Autobiography, a display of mixed media works which included illustration, painting and drawings.

Seven Social Sins: Carly Swenson also has the solo exhibition entitled, Sete Pecados Sociais: Seven Social Sins, which is currently on display at the Angra Museum.  This exhibition opened last February and can be viewed by the public until June 9.  Swenson was inspired by Gandhi’s Seven Social Sins and created a series of twenty-one works on canvas.  She explained her objective for the series was to be “intriguing, thought-provoking and subtly provocative through the use common iconography, classical imagery and ordinary objects… I want people to gain a better understanding of how such sins play a constant role in our own cultures causing persistent social injustice.”  Originally from Havre, Montana in the United States, the artist graduated with a BFA and an Art History minor from Bemidji State University in Minnesota.

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