365 good days: #241

My lovely Sam played a solo set of music from Courtney McLean and the Dirty Curls (music written by Courtney McLean).  I know that the naughty humor entangled with bluegrass charm (although, this was just acoustic guitar), was not everyone's cup of tea.  However, I was proud of my beautiful Sam.  The concept of being on... Continue Reading →

my love of a quiet island life…

Local village festivals are a beautifully quaint and genuine part of summer life on Terceira.  I have seen flags, branches, flowers and quilts decorate roadside, fences, streets, balconies and windowsills of the houses.  Along the main roads of each village during their festival week, each home comes alive with vibrant color.  Decorations light up the main... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #237

Tonight was girls' night.  I spent three hours drinking wine with some of my favorite women-- talking, laughing, and generally being weird.  I am a goofy human, luckily, I know several other beautifully amazing women who understand me and seem to enjoy my company for who I am.  They are totally goofy too, though.

365 good days: #236

This week is the festival in my local village.  The festivities include street bulls fights--we went to one this evening.  Our vantage point wasn't great, but the huge homemade doughnuts were (besides, half the fun is people-watching). Allow me to explain-- Street bulls fights are a staple of life on Terceira.  I prefer to refer... Continue Reading →

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