365 good days: #272

One day left with my little office mate.  It is amazing to see how much little Matt-girl has grown in only one week.  She is playing and exploring more.  She is able to see better, and is grooming herself.  It is so adorable.  Her ears and eyes are bigger too.

365 good days: #270

Today, there was this amazing perfect mist in the air.  I couldn't photograph it--but it was amazing, as if these tiny little perfect spheres of simple moved gently through the air.  It hardly even made me wet, it was gorgeous.  I don't know why it made me so happy, but it did.

commission: sea of shared memories

This is another commissioned work that I have recently finished.  I love how the colors worked on this piece.  My client commissioned this as an anniversary gift for her husband.  This piece presented the interesting challenge of incorporating eighteen years of marriage into one 18in x 18in canvas--without the work looking too chaotic. I admire this... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #269

Today is Friday, and that is nice. Also, I had date night with my husband.  Some nights there is nothing better than dinner with my favorite Casey-human, followed y cuddling on the couch watching strange music videos on YouTube, with him playing with my hair until a fall asleep.  It is simple, but perfect.

365 good days: #268

I hate to say goodbye to summer.  I want to be excited for the fall--however, on this island, fall is basically cloudy rainy days with absurd winds.  Although--I do love that I get to start wearing cozy sweaters and boots.  I will be happy about that.

365 good days: #266

Yep--this was my good day yesterday.  But, it is my good day today too.  Seriously--who can resist this adorable little face?  Her father is on holiday this week, and I have the day shift watching this little girl.  She is still at the age where she needs to be fed every three hours.

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