365 good days: #332

Today, the Lajes Field Girl Scouts hosted the Mutt Strut fundraiser.  This was a delightful event to gain funds for our Girl Scouts, but also--they were helping raise money for Recomeco, a local organization that helps abandoned and stray animals on the island of Terceria.  These people work tirelessly, and I am amazed by their... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #331

Like many Americans, I have issues with the history associated with our holiday of Thanksgiving, and my European ancestors' horrible manipulation and mistreatment of the various indigenous humans throughout the Americas. That being said, it is important that people take a moment to reflect on their lives--expressing gratitude despite our own struggles.  This 365 Good Days... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #328

I love my co-workers. We have a morning coffee meetings on Mondays.  We catch up on the previous week and discuss what needs to be done for the upcoming week.  However, our conversations do inevitably deviate from business on occasion--and I am always reminded how much I genuinely I enjoy these people.

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