altered art journal: greek myths III

Finished visual journal with un-altered cover.
Finished visual journal with un-altered cover.

Artist Statement:

I was well into this journal before I truly realized what it was about. It started as artistic play, simply stream of consciousness in artistic form. This journal hit me like an addiction or a compulsion. Every single day for a few weeks, I spent time at my studio desk. Working through the pages, clearing my mind, and escaping from the world into glue, paper, paint and ink–minutes turned into hours. It was as if my mind was racing and if I could only get some semblance of these thoughts out of my mind and onto the page I would feel a sense of relief. As if, somehow, once it was visual and tangible I could find some sense of peace.

I still didn’t find peace, but I found an escape, a hiding place where I felt relevant.  (I feel it is important to mention–I do have a very safe, loving and supportive home life.  It isn’t that I felt any literal need to hide or escape from any aspect of my life–I simply get overwhelmed with the world.)  I struggle to figure out where I fit the grand scheme of life and where I am going from here.  Some days everything feels very empty and broken in the grand scheme of life, yet I feel inspired and full of love in my tiny scope of life–I struggle with that stark dichotomy daily.  I think everyone wants to be heard, but most of us feel utterly voiceless.  This is my voice, I suppose.  It is small, but art has become my hiding place, and ultimately my weapon of choice.

If you’d like to watch me flip through this journal with tips and techniques, click here.

Quick!  Look really boring!
Quick! Look really boring!
Very sensible...
Very sensible…
page 3
…and not to be trusted
"The End"
“The End” longer applies to you, sweetheart.
…doesn’t apply to you, sweetheart.
keep your mouth clean
keep your mouth clean
If we ignore the past...
If we ignore the past… lurking in the woods...
…men lurking in the woods…
He said
I won’t turn…
Depression feels...
Depression  can make you feel less.
Pandora opened the box
Pandora opened the box
A sensitive soul
A sensitive soul
We don't belong here.
We don’t belong here.
Equal Pay
Equal Pay
I sort of feel
Caution Wet Paint
Caution Wet Paint
Censorship is still American
Censorship is still American
I don't feel things are going well.
I don’t feel things are going well.
If they win...
If they win…
hard to breathe
some days it feels hard…
...only our dead are free
…only our dead are free
art is my weapon of choice
art is my weapon of choice

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