365 good days: #331

Like many Americans, I have issues with the history associated with our holiday of Thanksgiving, and my European ancestors’ horrible manipulation and mistreatment of the various indigenous humans throughout the Americas.

That being said, it is important that people take a moment to reflect on their lives–expressing gratitude despite our own struggles.  This 365 Good Days  project, of course, has been about just that.  Why only take one day of 365 to express appreciation and happiness for the simple pleasures of life?

Today, I enjoyed dinner with several of my closest friends–warm loving people who have become another form of family while living here in Lajes.  I love them.  I am grateful to have them in my life–those who were with me at the dinner table as well as those wonderful humans who are my literal family and figurative family despite vast geographic distances.

I am full of love.

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