commission: rainy night

I have done a couple other commissioned paintings earlier this year. They were simple ocean creatures, but it was enjoyable to play around with paints.  This recent commission offered a similar opportunity to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of paints. My client wanted a contemporary style night street scene.  She provided several examples of what she had in mind–but from there, I was able to design the scene and artistic elements.  Painting is much different from my mixed media works because when working with acrylic, the paint dries quickly.  Therefore, I like to work when I several hours available to sit at my studio desk, relax and enjoy painting.

Sketch on canvas
Sketch on canvas
In-progress, image 1
In-progress, image 1
In-progress, image 2
In-progress, image 2
In-progress, image 3
In-progress, image 3

Rainy Night, 18in x 18in acrylic on canvas, 2013
Rainy Night • 18in x 18in • Acrylic on canvas • Carly Swenson • 2013
Detail image 1
Detail image 1 • Carly Swenson • 2013

2 Replies to “commission: rainy night”

    1. Thank you so much. I have been drawn to texture in art since I was younger, so I know that is a similarity between my painting and mixed media work–but it is nice that others fine a connection too. I don’t paint very often, but it is always fun for a change of pace. Thanks again for stopping by my little bloggity-blog.


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