365 good days: #361

My husband loves to talk about how much he hates my little white dog. “She is the worst.  We should though her in the trash.  Did you hear that, Morris?  Everyone hates you.  You will never be Soup.  I love Soupy, she is pretty.  You are stupid, Morris.”   Luckily, Dr. Morris doesn’t understand English yet, and she is just really super-happy that he is talking at her.  In reality, though, he is so sweet with her, it’s adorable.

I love it when they are best-hammock-buddies.

Best hammock buddies.
Best hammock buddies.

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  1. Carly , My dad and my husband both were this way of our pets ,I think because they were farm kids ,you know animals don`t belong in the house. But wait a minute , and if the kitty or puppy are on their laps sleeping or just resting on their laps . You were not allowed to touch that pet because it was on Dads lap. I would some times call out fo the puppy or kitty , to tease the persons lap the animal was on., and he wpould hang on so the pet couldn`t leave their lap. How can you not love that person ? (that doesn`t like the animal)


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