365 good days : #364 (in conclusion)

I missed a day.  Somwhere in the past year, I clearly mislabeled a day, or maybe double labeled a day?  I have no idea.  To be completely honest, I lack the motivation to review my last twelve months of posts to find it.  So I appreciate your understanding on that subject.  Thanks.  You’re nice.

It was never between you and them anyway... 16in x 20in, mixed media collage on canvas, 201
It was never between you and them anyway… 16in x 20in, mixed media collage on canvas, 201

I am concluding this project with mixed emotions. Anyone following my 365 good day posts has more than likely noticed my slight delay in posts every so often. Toward the end of this project, I did find it easy to get distracted and forget to post, which is regrettable but, presumably, understandable.

This project has helped me to remain self-aware of my daily perspective on the world. Finding something good, something that makes me happy, or grateful in every single day can be a bit challenging when I am feeling ill, or depressed, or when a local to global catastrophe or tragedy occurs–I have always found it far too easy to let myself be sucked into sadness, and lose myself there. This project forced me to find a glimmer of happiness in every day–which is a worthwhile objective for anyone.

Several people have mentioned in passing that they have appreciated and enjoyed following this project.  Hearing this always made my heart happy.  I frequently worried readers would eventually bore of my appreciation of relatively mundane daily moments.   I assumed that me finding my pets adorable (again) would have probably become fairly uninteresting to any potential or returning readers.  However, these kind humans said that my project forced them to take on the same positive perspective in their own lives–choosing to find simple pleasures and gratitude in each day.

I look forward to the upcoming year with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.   The US is in a fairly undesirable state on an almost unfathomable number of issues.  Uncertainty looms in the air for American service men and women and their dependants in a way that feels nearly palpable.  In so many ways, the grand scheme of life feels broken.  Yet, I have to keep reminding myself to have faith in the good humans in the world.  I have to try to remain positive from day to day.  I have to be grateful for each day that I am healthy, and I loved.  Small beauty exists in every day, I have to remember to see it.  We must remain hopeful.

We must hope, 8in x 8in mixed media collage on canvas, 2010
We must hope, 8in x 8in mixed media collage on canvas, 2010

Thank you to those of you who took the time to read and support my 365 Good Days project.  I hope you too had wonderful and amazing moments throughout the past year.  I wish you a brilliant and inspiring 2014 filled with love and happiness.


Tomorrow is the start of a new year, and a new daily project…

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